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Dating Someone

 I started dating last year. I had a couple of dates. I think dating someone will help you to get to know a person more. The feeling that he/she is a stranger before you met. You and that someone were only talking online. And now, you met and stared in each other’s eyes. But although I experienced dating, it was probably the best day and the worst day eventually. The usual dates, go to a mall and watch movie, dine in and stroll. Whenever Im on a date, I always tried to be conservative as possible. But by any chance, I couldnt help myself. I find my lips kissing with someone. Lol. I seriously dont care what you guys think of me. I dont date someone when that person is a complete stranger. Of course, we are friends before we see each other. But the thing is, I fall inlove easily. Yes. With one kiss, my feelings will rapidly change. And when that person, left me hanging, I’ll started crying. I’ll started torturing myself. Because all I can do is regret. The most painful thing is when I had a relationship with that person and I just met that someone through a simple date. Right now. Im hurt. Im really in pain. 





Portraits of Toddlers Eating Lemons for the First Time

All the boys are taking it the worst while the girls don’t really give a fuxk

The last boy literally transforms into a lemon.


omg they are adorable!



  1. Kapag tatagay, tagay lang. Bawal makipagtitigan ng more than 5 seconds sa kainumang lalaki. Baka bigla na lang siyang magtransform into Solenn Heusaff na naka red bikini at hindi mo macontrol ang iyong sarili.
  2. Bawal ang Kung-Fu. Kung-Fumulutan malupet. Ang pulutan ay hindi pamatid-gutom. Hindi ka nakikipagpicnic.
  3. Kung makikipag-inuman ka dahil sa problemang dinadala mo at kailangan mo ng shoulder to cry on, pakiusap, pigilan ang iyong sariling ipatong ang ulo sa balikat ng kasama mo. Tandaan, malapit lang ang balikat sa lips.
  4. 3 minutes lang ang maximum na pwedeng itagal ng baso pagkaabot sa’yo. Hindi ka nakikipaglaro ng spirit of the glass.
  5. Hindi mo kailangang magvolunteer samahan ang kapwa mo kainuman na mag-CR. Mga babae lang ang gumagawa nun. Unless hindi na talaga siya makalakad sa kalasingan. 
  6. Kung may balak ka, wag kang maglasing-lasingan. Wag kang umasang may mananamantala sa kahinaan mo. Sila ang hintayin mong malasing para maisagawa mo ang iyong maitim na plano.
  7. Kapag nakita mong may dumi sa labi ang kainuman mo, senyasan mo lang. Pero wag mong hahayaang ikaw ang mag-alis. Baka mapalipbite ka ng wala sa oras. Suicidal na yan.
  8. Don’t initiate a “truth or consequence game” lalo na kung puro lalaki lang kayo. Pwede ka nilang lagyan sa noo ng hashtag na #UltraGay sa ginagawa mo.
  9. Kapag nagsusuka na ang kainuman mo dahil sa matinding kalasingan, know the difference between “tapik sa likod” and “haplos sa likod”. Hanggang dun na lang yun. Wag ng icomfort.
  10. Bawal magduet sa videoke ang dalawang lalaki lalo na sa mga kantang “Bukas na lang Kita Mamahalin” at “Huwag ka lang Mawawala”. Kapag may kakaiba kang naramdaman after niyong kumanta, kailangan mo na talaga ng matindi tinding soul-searching.

Kase may naalala ako. hahaha

I had sex with my best friend's boyfriend. Uh. :(

Aww The Legal Wife lang hehe. Wait are you a girl or boy. Bat ka malungkot? ginusto mo din yun. okay lang yan basta di nila malalaman. :)



We all knew that Yuzuru Hanyu has the most fans out there and the most popular representative in Asia. But could we give a little love to Michael Christian Martinez? This guy is called “the lone skater” because he’s the only one representing his own country and even with his asthma, he still wants to cope up with his dream. Damn, this kid, hardly had any gov’t support and has to mortage his own family house just to join the 2014 Sochi Olympics. HE ONLY TRAINED IN DECEMBER LAST YEAR BECAUSE OF THE LACK OF FUNDS. BUT STILL, LOOK HOW FLAWLESS HIS PERFORMANCE IS. Because there is lack of ice skating trainers in the Philippines, he had to train in Southern California which costs his family and friends a LOT of dollars. 

While he may be short on funds, Martinez is not short on prayers. He’s hoping for one more miracle on the ice that can score an Olympic medal not just for him but for the Philippines. GO MICHAEL!
I find this post worth reblogging. Be proud, Filipinos! :)

Reblogging because he is so adorable hahaha

i will literally adore you if you send me one

1. Last kiss
2. Last phone call
3. Last text message
4. Last song you listened to
5. Last time you cried
6. Dated someone twice
7. Been cheated on
8. Self harmed
9. Lost someone special
10. Been depressed
11. Been drunk and threw up
12. had sex
13. How many people have you had sex with this year?
15. Made a new friend
17. Laughed until you cried
18. Met someone who changed you
19. Found out who your true friends were
20. Found out someone was talking about you
26. What did you do for your last Birthday
27. What time did you wake up today
29. Name something you CANNOT wait for
30. Last time you saw your all of your siblings at the same time
31. What is one thing you wish you could change about your life
32. What are you listening to right now
33. When is the last time you had sex?
34. Who's getting on your nerves right now
35. Most visited webpage
36. Favorite colour
37. Nicknames
38. Relationship Status
39. Zodiac sign
40. Male or female
41. Primary school
42. Secondary School
43. High school/college
44. Eye color
46. Height
47. Do you have a crush on someone
48. What do you like about yourself
49. Piercings
50. Tattoos
51. Righty or lefty
53. First piercing
54. First best friend
55. First hookup
56. First Bestfriend
59. Eating
60. Drinking
61. I'm about to
62. Listening to
63. Waiting for
64. Want kids?
65. Get married?
66. Career
67. Lips or eyes
68. Hugs or kisses
69. Shorter or taller
70. Older or Younger
71. Romantic or spontaneous
72. Nice stomach or nice arms
73. Sensitive or loud
74. Hook-up or relationship
76. Kissed a stranger
77. Drank hard liquor
78. Lost glasses/contacts
79. Had sex
80. Broken someone's heart
82. Been arrested
83. Turned someone down
84. Cried when someone died
85. Fallen for a friend
86. Yourself
87. Miracles
88. Love at first sight
89. Heaven
90. Santa Clause
91. Kiss on the first date
92. Angels
93. How would you label yourself?
94. Someone You Pray Everyday For
95. Did you sing today
96. Who From All Your Ex's have You Cared The Most About
97. If you could go back in time, how far would you go?
98. Out Of Everything In The World What Do You Wish For
99. Are you afraid of falling in love?
100. Do you like the way you look?
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Wednesday, April 16, 2014
Hi! Saan ka nag aaral ngayon?

Batangas State University :)

Monday, April 14, 2014

Representative of the Good Guys

Good guys STILL do exist.

To all the girls out there here’s a short message for you.

Girls often read books and watch Romantic movies where the girl and guy will have a happy ending at the end of the film. But our life’s not directed by some sort of director or written by movie writers. It us who write and do things that happens to us. Fate and destiny is just a plus point.

It is just quite weird that I find Romantic movies interesting, I’ve seen a lot, and I’ll admit I cried while I was watching Titanic and A walk to remember. But I watched those movies alone. I find it a little bit embarrassing to watch it on our salas and shed a tear at some scenes that are just melancholic.

Us boys, have our soft side too. We are not just making it obvious. Because in our country or in our society, boys are not that emotional. But we are too. I remember when my first crush and the first girl I courted rejected me. I have to be tough at school. But when I got home I cried really hard and cried the pain away. She made me feel that she likes me too, but at the end of the day. She doesn’t.

Us boys, also need time to be with our guy friends or bros. We do sports together. Play basketball, volleyball, football or any other sport together. If you girls do talk about your feelings almost all the time, we do talk about our feelings too, we talk about it rarely and sometimes we talk about it with beer. If you girls do shopping with your girlies, us boys, do that too. But we do it very seldom. Do not get mad at us when we can’t answer your text or call especially when we said that we’ll hang out with our friends. IT DOESN’T mean that we’re mad or we are flirting with some other girls. Trust us, we don’t. We know that we already have girlfriends and we love them so much. Don’t get paranoid. If we can’t answer your calls and texts we are just busy or we didn’t hear the phone rang.

Please don’t get mad at us when we can’t reply to your “”good morning”” “”good night”” or whatever time of the day texts. We are just busy doing stuffs like our home works and studying cases. But it DOESN’T mean that we don’t love you or what. We do. We really do.

If some of you are saying that “”gusto niyo lang naman sex eh”“. No we don’t. Some of us still do respect you girls. We understand if you don’t want to do it.

We also know that some or maybe majority of you are fickle minded. You make decisions, then you change your mind instantly. We are doing our best to understand you.

We also do romantic stuffs like what you see on TV. We are trying our best to make you feel special. We hope that you’ll accept us for what we are. And accept the things that we can and cannot do.

Lastly, if you’re saying that all boys are the same. There are still a lot of guys here, like me. We are just waiting for the right girl and the right time to love. Take note. Nice guys that will love you and will make you feel special still do exists.

Your future boyfriend

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